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~Release Day Blitz~ Retribution by Kim Cresswell

Title: Retribution (Book Two – Whitney  Steel Series)
Author: Kim Cresswell       
Genre: Suspense, Thriller 
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Once the top leader of the Sur del Calle cartel, Colombia’s largest drug trafficking organization, Pablo Sanchez has declared revenge against Blake Barnett, the FBI agent who’d killed his twin brother over a decade ago.
After one failed attempt forced him to flee the United States, Pablo has a bold new plan and he’s even more determined to kill Blake and his fiancĂ©e, Whitney Steel.
From Las Vegas to the militant infected jungles of Bogota, Blake has no choice but to risk his life and infiltrate the cartel’s inner world and eliminate the ruthless drug lord.
But the price of failure is higher than ever as he’s forced to use the woman he loves as a pawn in a deadly game—where the events of the past and present collide.

WARNING: This book contains graphic language, adult situations, and violence.

 Kim Cresswell resides in Ontario, Canada. Trained as a legal assistant, Kim has been a story-teller all her life but took many detours including; working in legal and adult education before returning to her first love, writing. 

Her debut romantic suspense, 
REFLECTION, has won numerous awards: RomCon®'s 2014 Readers' Crown Finalist (Romantic Suspense), InD'tale Magazine 2014 Rone Award Finalist (Suspense/Thriller), UP Authors Fiction Challenge Winner (2013), Silicon Valley's Romance Writers of America (RWA) "Gotcha!" Romantic Suspense Winner (2004), Honourable Mention in Calgary's (RWA) The Writer's Voice Contest (2006).

LETHAL JOURNEY won RomCon®'s 2014 Readers' Crown (Thriller) and was a finalist in From the Heart Romance Writers (FTHRW) Golden Gate Contest (2003).

Her action-packed thrillers have been highly praised by reviewers and readers. As one reviewer said, "Buckle up, Hang on tight!"

Kim recently entered the true crime writing arena. Real Life Evil - A True Crime Quickie (two short stories) was published in January 2014. You can read her latest true crime stories in Serial Killer Quarterly, a new quarterly e-magazine published by Grinning Man Press. She is also a member of The American Investigative Society Of Cold Cases (AISOCC), a non-profit, volunteer based organization of professional investigators whose sole mission is to assist in solving cold cases. To learn more about Kim and her writing, visit www.kimcresswell.ca

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Death by lethal injection.
Whitney had waited years to hear those four words. Final justice for a man who’d taken so much from her and her fiancĂ©, Blake Barnett. She stood on the concrete steps outside the seven storey L-shaped courthouse waiting for her cameraman, Jerry Maxwell, to give her the on-air countdown. After a last minute microphone check, Whitney drew a deep breath then exhaled slowly.
Jerry held up his fingers. “In five…four…three…two…one.”
“I’m reporting live outside the district courthouse on South Las Vegas Boulevard. Moments ago, District Attorney Jason Kurz announced the jury had sentenced Nathan Shaw to death by lethal injection. Mr. Kurz stated the jury found, unanimously and beyond a reasonable doubt, that Mr. Shaw is a continuing threat to society.”
She swallowed hard, barely able to get the words out.
“A month ago, Nathan Shaw, owner of ShawBioGen, was found guilty on four counts of conspiracy to commit murder and one count of attempted murder of a federal agent.”
That FBI agent is the man I love.
The memory of that day was before her in all its bloody glory. The image of Blake shot and left to die played over and over in her mind. Perspiration broke out across her forehead.  
Damn it. Not now. Breathe…
“Mr. Shaw had hired a hitman to kill Claire Barnett, a microbiologist with his company, Senator Mason Bailey, George Raines, an editor with WBNN-TV, and District Attorney Kate Leathham in hopes of covering up his illegal human cloning project.” Sadness tugged at her heart. So many lives lost. Her legs trembled. “Nathan Shaw will be executed at Nevada State Prison in Carson City. His attorney, Warren Demotteo, is expected to file a formal appeal later today.”
She paused to take a breath. “This is Whitney Steel. News3.”
Jerry gave a quick nod, his cue they were off the air.
Whitney lowered the microphone and kept it clutched in her right hand as she watched two workers at the other end of the courthouse dismantling the makeshift press conference tent used earlier.
“Are you okay?” Jerry removed the camera from his shoulder and placed it on the ground. “For a minute there, I thought you were going to pass out.”
Her body went limp with relief. Her gaze met his. She smiled and picked up her purse from the step and swung it over her shoulder. “I’ll be fine.”
It’s finally over.
With Nathan Shaw’s sentencing behind her, now she could focus on her upcoming wedding on August second which was less than three weeks away. She couldn’t wait. And neither could Blake.
In the parking lot, Jerry opened the rear door of the News3 satellite broadcast van and loaded their equipment.
Whitney eyed a white SUV with dark tinted windows stop a car’s length away. With the lot full due to the sentencing, the driver appeared to be waiting for their spot.
Jerry slammed the van door shut. “You ready?”
“Yeah, let’s get back to the station.” She glanced over her shoulder.  
Three men jumped out of the SUV wearing black balaclavas.
They barreled toward her.
She spotted guns in their hands.
After a brief moment of paralyzing disbelief, Whitney clutched her purse and bolted to the passenger side of the vehicle.
“Get in. Hurry!” Jerry yelled.
She reached for the door handle but a strong arm looped around her neck and dragged her back.
The heels of her shoes scrapped against the pavement. “Let go—of me.”
The man covered her mouth with a leather-gloved hand and pulled her between the parked cars and out of sight.
She felt the muzzle of the gun jab into her back.
Moist breath brushed against her ear. “Shut the hell up.”
Another man held a gun to Jerry’s temple. “You’re going to film this. Live. Understand?”
Jerry held up his hands, his eyes wide. “Okay, okay.  But—it’s going to take a few minutes to setup the feed.” He opened the van’s back door again and fumbled for his equipment.
Whitney squirmed.
The man tightened his grip around her neck.  
She wheezed and fought for a breath.
Who were these men? What did they want?
The sane voice in her head ordered her to stay still. Even though she had a black belt in karate and was skilled at crushing a person’s windpipe or disarming a knife-wielding attacker, she wasn’t stupid enough to take on three guys that were double her height and weight with guns aimed at her. All she could do was watch, stay as calm as possible, and hope someone would see what was going on and call the police.
When Jerry had the live feed setup, he stood in front of them, camera ready. His voice trembled. “You’re on.”
The third man, the tallest of the group, pulled a red and white bandana out of a small plastic bag he had stuffed in the pocket of his jeans.
He pressed the moist cloth over her mouth and nose and held it there.
She squirmed and kicked but it was useless. Her head started to buzz. The sickly sweet smell mixed with the rotten odor of strong cleaning solution invaded her head.  
Blood pounded in her ears and male voices turned faint and distorted.
As her breathing slowed every muscle turned to mush. Then blackness drowned her vision and she realized what the men wanted.
They wanted her.

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~ Release Day Blitz~ Lust by Leddy Harper

Title: Lust
Author: Leddy Harper         
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 23, 2015

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My darkness was born in it.
Her secret was created by it.
My job was immersed in it.
It would either ruin us or save us.

My name is Caden Morgan, and I am a sex surrogate.
After years of seclusion and fear-induced abstinence, Ivy Jaymes came to me to fix her. Her love of erotic books brought her out of hiding and into my office. I had done this sort of thing hundreds of times… but she was different.
Ivy’s secrets threatened my own.
Her darkness paralleled mine.
And my obsession for her was sure to break me.

Could we heal each other with love?

Or would we end up decimating one another with Lust?

Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child. She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys. At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped. She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters.  She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a house full of females. The decision to publish her first book was made as a way of showing her children to go after whatever it is they want to. Love what you do and do it well. And to teach them what it means to overcome their fears.

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~Release Day Blitz~ One Foot Outside the Door by Vina ST. Fran

Title: One Foot Outside the Door
Author: Vina  St. Fran        
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Good lovin’ is easy...But true happiness is harder to find...

To anyone on the outside looking in through the door of Cyndarella Worthy’s life, it looks like
she’s got it all. At thirty-two, she’s beautiful and successful, with a handsome brother lover, Thad Mitchell. But deep in her heart, she holds a
candle for Bashar Bazzi, the Chaldean immigrant she loved ten years ago. Bashar left for Iraq and she never saw him again, and she assumes he made a marriage within his own community without a backward glance.

Cyn’s girlfriends, Tavie, Denise and Vette, know that their sister still carries the scars of Bashar, but they pray she’ll find love and peace with Thad. Anyway, they’ve got issues too: Tavie’s dating smart school principal, Mack Dooley, but
she can’t escape the rumors that he’s playing around; Denise’s marriage to Sean is under pressure because she hasn’t conceived a second child; Vette’s dating an older guy, Louis
Burns, but wonders if she’ll ever get a ring on her finger.

When Thad proposes to Cyn and she accepts, it looks like this sister’s finally on her way to true happiness. But no sooner are the celebrations done, when there’s trouble—Bashar Bazzi is home, and he’s ready to settle his unfinished business with Cyn...

Vina St. Fran is the author of the Amorous Trilogy series. She writes contemporary romance, and erotica romance for Zam Publishing, LLC. She also is a Political Contributor for The Examiner. A native Michigander, she resides in the Midwest with her family.

Author Links:

The prequel novel to Betrayal’s Dust
Setting: Michigan; San Diego, CA; Mexico

Cyndarella (Cyn) Worthy, 32, owner of advertising agency, Peachtree Productions and dating auditor, Thad Mitchell, who’s divorced, with one young daughter. Daughter of Willa and Vernon Worthy and brother to Pete Worthy.  Had a relationship with Chaldean immigrant Bashar Bazzi from her teens to her early twenties, but then Bashar went to Iraq and she never heard from him again. As Bashar’s family disliked her for being Black, Cyn assumed Bashar had dumped her and made an arranged marriage within his own community.

Tavie (Octavia) Slade, teacher, single.  Currently dating school principal, Mack (Mackenzie) Dooley. Tavie has had a checkered love-life, including a broken engagement to New Orleans Saints star, Tyrone Sutton, who cheated with a call girl. Mack’s mother, Mrs. Dooley, disapproves of Tavie, as she thinks Tavie is not classy enough for her son and continually tries to set him up with other women.

Denise (Dee) Lincoln, creative director at Peachtree Productions.  Married to Sean, one daughter, Marla (3). Denise isn’t keen to have another child just yet, though Sean wants to.  Anyway, she is having trouble conceiving.

Vette (Corvette) Vern, the only White member of the group, she’s currently single but in a relationship with Louis Burns, who is twelve years her senior and has grown-up kids of his own. She owns a court reporting business. She has a troubled relationship with her mother, Tara, a surgical nurse, and was only reunited recently with her estranged father. Vette is inclined to gossip, which can get her into trouble.

The ladies have been the best of friends since junior high, and meet regularly to share the tears and triumphs, the playfulness and passion, and the ups and downs of their relationships with their men.

When the story opens, Cyndarella’s man, Thad, is away on business in Singapore. Cyn hears from Vette that her ex, Bashar Bazzi, is back in town.  In 1991, Bashar went to Baghdad and though they had been living together, Cyn never heard from him again.  She is thrown by this latest news, but when Thad returns from his trip and proposes marriage to her, she accepts.  At their engagement party on St. Valentine’s Day, Thad behaves possessively about Cyn, which sows a small seed of doubt in Cyn’s mind.

Tavie’s relationship with Mack has been going well, she feels.  Though she knows Mack has cheated on her, she’s forgiven him and thinks that they’ve worked through their issues.  Recently, they enjoyed a romantic mini-break in Toronto.  Both were supposed to be attending an education conference, but Tavie is unable to go as she’s still apparently suffering from a stomach ‘flu bug that’s been making the rounds.  Mack goes to the conference on his own, and Tavie makes an appointment with her doctor.  To her amazement, she discovers she’s pregnant; she’s been taking the herb St. John’s Wort for her anxiety and it has canceled out the efficacy of the contraceptive pill.  She decides to travel to the conference to surprise Mack with the news about the baby—but there’s a surprise waiting for her: she sees Mack canoodling with Geneva, a Jamaican fellow teacher, and then they retire to Mack’s room.  Distraught, Tavie has a miscarriage, and holes up at Cyn’s place.

Knowing that if she and Louis ever make a commitment he won’t want a family, Vette makes the decision to be a foster parent and starts the process rolling.  In the meantime, she has discovered through her court work what really happened to Bashar when he went to Iraq and disappeared in 1991.  She has a dossier which she knows she must show Cyn.  But first she has to deal with Denise’s wrath.  Denise is furious with Vette for revealing that Bashar is back, as she is concerned the news might lead Cyn to break off her engagement with Thad.  However, when she hears about the dossier, Denise has to agree that Cyn needs to know the truth.

Vette gives Cyn the dossier, which makes appalling reading.  Cyn discovers that Bashar was imprisoned and tortured for four years by the Iraqis.  Because he was born in Jordan and wasn’t a naturalized American citizen, there was nothing that the US government could do to get him released.  When he did finally leave prison, he spent time in an English psychiatric hospital being treated for post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety; he still has a therapist on call for when he suffers recurrences.  Sickened, Cyn realizes she must contact Bashar and see him.  She approaches his cousin, Wiyad, who offers to act as go-between and arrange a meeting.

When Cyn and Bashar meet again, it’s clear that the chemistry is still there between them.  Bashar has never known why he was imprisoned. Cyn tells Bashar of the agony she has suffered in the intervening years, and Bashar grasps that his family prevented him from seeing her again when he was released, tricking him into thinking that she no longer cared.  However, Cyn assures him that had she known he was incarcerated, she would have waited for him.  But realizing that Bashar’s family will never accept her, Cyn decides to press on with her wedding to Thad, urged on by her mother.  However, she can’t resist contacting Bashar again once more, and accepts his invitation to have dinner when he’s next in Detroit.  By now, Bashar knows that he wants Cyn back and, without her knowing, visits her parents.  But when she finds this out, Cyn reassures them that her marriage to Thad is still on.

Tavie has told Mack that she knows about Geneva, revealed the loss of her pregnancy and has moved out of their shared home.  She’s also been summoned by Mrs. Dooley to visit her.  Tavie is aghast when Mrs. Dooley says she wants to help Tavie reconcile with her son.  She accuses Tavie of having sat back and been complacent while she was with Mack, which Tavie can’t deny.

Thad breaks it to Cyn that he doesn’t want to have kids straight away after they get married, but wishes to wait a couple of years because he wants Cyn all to himself.  Cyn is devastated as he knows she wants to get pregnant as soon as possible, and she wonders why he has waited until now to tell her the truth.  She goes to have dinner with Bashar.  They talk frankly about what happened, Cyn revealing how hurt she was by his silence and his family’s attitude to her; she came to the conclusion that he’d gone to Baghdad to make an arranged marriage in his own community.  They make love, but afterwards Cyn decides she must go back to Thad as Bashar’s family will never accept her.  Denise persuades her to come clean with Thad about her night of love with Bashar.  A furious argument ensues, and she calls off the wedding, though Thad tries to persuade her not to leave him.

Cyn goes to an advertising conference in Mexico, using it as a welcome chance to have a break and clear her head.  She weighs up her options and decides that Thad’s too possessive; Bashar is the one she loves.

Bashar has come to the conclusion that he has to reconcile with his family, so he reaches out to his mother.  He lets her know that he loves Cyndarella and is determined to be with her. Mouna carries a guilty secret: she colluded with her husband to have Bashar temporarily held in Iraqi because of family disapproval about his relationship with Cyndarella.  However, Saddam Hussein’s regime intervened and what was intended to be a short, sharp shock became a tragedy.  She does not tell Bashar this, but knows she has to facilitate a reconciliation for Bashar with the rest of the family, and also persuade them to accept Cyndarella.

On her way home from Mexico, Cyn is forced to stop over in San Diego, where Bashar now lives, because of bad weather, and she contacts him.  He comes to the airport and proposes.  He’s already asked her father’s permission.  Overwhelmed and ecstatic, Cyn accepts, and the wedding will go ahead on the Labor Day weekend—when she was meant to be marrying Thad.

Corvette has got the permission she needs to foster, and is takes in two children, Carly, who’s 4, and her brother, Brent, who’s 3.

Denise discovers she has fibroids, which have been preventing her from getting pregnant.  She will get them removed and is told she should be able to get pregnant three months after the procedure is done.

Cyn and Bashar marry quietly in a traditional Catholic service, and then, a week later, renew their vows at Cyn’s church and hold a joyous reception.  Cyn has discovered she’s expecting a baby, and eight months later gives birth to a daughter, Nadia.

Tavie is still being pursued by Mack and ends up sleeping with him.  He confesses he’s finished with Geneva.  But she’s now dating Orville, a Jamaican narcotics agent, and decides to stay with him.  Only she’s in for another shock: she arrives unannounced at Orville’s house and secretly witnesses him watching a sex tape that she and he made with Geneva!  It turns out that Orville and Geneva were married.  Tavie accepts Orville’s explanation, but she vows will have her revenge on Geneva…

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~Release Day Blitz~ Kyle's Return by LP Dover

Title: Kyle’s Return
Author: LP Dover    
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 13, 2015
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


I promised myself I’d stay away from dangerous men, but I couldn’t live up to that when Kyle Andrews came back to town. He’s a manipulator, a guy who’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants, sabotaging anyone who gets in the way. After a fatal fight left him wounded, his UFC career comes to a close. He has nothing, but he’s determined to get it all back.
My name is Megan. I’ve known violence, pain, and what it feels like to be scared to live another day. All of that changed the moment I refused to be a victim. Now that my psychotic ex, Alex, can’t find me, I’ve been given a second chance. I owe my life to my friends. The same goes for Kyle. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to feel.
Everyone hates him. But for the life of me I don’t. There’s something about him I can’t ignore. Being with Kyle makes me want it all. However, in loving a hated man, I didn’t know it’d bring the life I fled from back to haunt me. Everywhere I go danger lurks and bad things happen. Kyle believes it’s because of him, but I’m starting to think otherwise. I think Alex has found me, and if so, this time he’s not going to let me go.

USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a southern belle residing in North Carolina along with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she even began her literary journey she worked in Periodontics enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.
Not only does she love to write, but she loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes, white water rafting, and you can't forget the passion for singing. Her two number one fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime and those songs usually consist of Christmas carols.
Aside from being a wife and mother, L.P. Dover has written over nine novels including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read is romantic suspense and she also loves writing it. However, if she had to choose a setting to live in it would have to be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.
L.P. Dover is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/lpdover
Website- http://www.authorlpdoverbooks.com/
Blog - http://www.lpdover.blogspot.com/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/LPDover
Goodreads- http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6526309.L_P_Dover
Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/L.P.-Dover/e/B00AFVV8TG/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1380503353&sr=8-2-ent
Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/LPDover/

Buy Links:
Amazon ---> http://amzn.to/1GI6lWk
B&N ---> http://bit.ly/1E20HxW
Ibooks ---> http://apple.co/1aHZmkD
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Smashwords ---> http://bit.ly/1IGsOCd


“The only way I’m going to let you come over is if you tell me you missed me this week.”

            “Really?” I shrieked.

            “Yep, now say the words, love.”

            “No. That’s ridiculous. I’m not gonna lie.”

            He snorted. “But you just did.”

            I opened my mouth to say something and then stopped; he got me with that one. And judging by the satisfied chuckle he tried to contain, he knew it too. “Fine. You want to play games? Then it looks like you won’t be hearing what I have to say. Bye-bye, French fry.”

            “Megan, wait—”

            Taking the upper hand, I hung up the phone. He was going to drive me insane. I had to hand it to him, he could definitely get my blood pumping. I did miss him, but I wasn’t about to give in to his antics. If anyone was going to submit first, I wanted it to be him. I got my wish when my phone started to ring. Deliberately, I refused to answer it, hoping it’d make him feel the restlessness I felt inside.

            With a smirk on my face, I pulled into my neighborhood. He was just going to have to sweat a bit longer.

            To my surprise, that wasn’t going to be very long. Because in my driveway, there Kyle stood, beside a sleek, black motorcycle. I hit the button to my garage and pulled past him. He walked up to my door and opened it with a smirk on his face. “You are one stubborn woman, you know that?”


Letting my hands go, he reached around my waist and pulled me into his lap. “Kiss me. And not because I asked you to, but because you want to.”

            “What if I don’t?”

            “Then I would say you’re a liar. Your mind may say no, but your body tells me otherwise. I’d rather you listen to your body.”

            I got up and straddled his lap, using the back of the couch, I boxed him in with my arms, leaning in until I could feel his hot breath on my lips. I felt his body flex in anticipation and the movement made my insides twinge. He wanted me and I held the upper hand. It was a rush of adrenaline. He leaned in, trying to make the connection, but I sat back and smirked, maintaining my space. I thought he’d laugh at my power move, but his eyes turned dark with need.

Leaning in again, I pressed my lips to his, softly at first, but then I bit his lip and sucked on it, rocking my hips into his arousal. His grip lowered and tightened on my ass as he deepened the kiss, groaning into my mouth. I wanted to rip his clothes off right there and knew this was moving too fast. He hadn’t proven enough yet, I’d be stupid to give in now. Breathing hard, I broke away and sat up. “The answer, by the way, is yes.”

            “What’s the question?” His half-lidded gaze caught mine as he pushed up into me a few times, his body less willing to stop than his mind.

            “The one you incessantly asked me every day this week, if I missed you. And the answer is yes, I have. Just don’t make me regret it.”

            The door opened behind us. “For Christ sake!” Nic whined as she barged into the living room and caught us grinding on the couch. “Have you never heard of a bedroom? My eyes may be permanently damaged now. Do they have Lasik for this type of shit?”

            After she dramatically made her way to her bedroom with one hand over her eyes and the other out in front of her, the moment between us had cooled. At that point, we decided it was best for him to head home before things went any further.

It was a good thing Nic had such bad timing, otherwise who knows what we would’ve ended up doing.


“Dammit, Kyle. That’s enough!” I shouted. He froze and finally met my eyes. “I need you with me in this. Don’t push me away.”

Throwing the weights on the floor, Kyle grabbed my face, his gaze wild. “Why can’t you see that I’m not pushing you away?”

I stepped back and away from his touch. “Then what are you doing? You haven’t made love to me since that night. If you’re afraid of me getting hurt, you obviously don’t know me very well. I can take care of myself.” Turning on my heel, I stormed to the back room but didn’t get very far before he grabbed my arms and hauled me around.


 “Goddammit, Megan, I love you,” he shouted, squeezing my arms. Gasping, I stared at him wide-eyed. “The other night scared the fuck out of me. I could’ve lost you and all because of some cocksucker who wants to pay me back.” He stepped back and let me go, his hands shaking. “The anger I feel inside is consuming me. It’s all I can think about. I’m not going to be able to rest until it’s over.”

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~Cover Reveal~ Lust by Leddy Harper

Title: Lust
Author: Leddy Harper         
Genre: Erotic Romance
Expected Release Date: April 23, 2015

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

My darkness was born in it.
Her secret was created by it.
My job was immersed in it.
It would either ruin us or save us.

My name is Caden Morgan, and I am a sex surrogate.
After years of seclusion and fear-induced abstinence, Ivy Jaymes came to me to fix her. Her love of erotic books brought her out of hiding and into my office. I had done this sort of thing hundreds of times… but she was different.
Ivy’s secrets threatened my own.
Her darkness paralleled mine.
And my obsession for her was sure to break me.

Could we heal each other with love?

Or would we end up decimating one another with Lust?

Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child. She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys. At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped. She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters.  She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a house full of females. The decision to publish her first book was made as a way of showing her children to go after whatever it is they want to. Love what you do and do it well. And to teach them what it means to overcome their fears.

Author Links:
Amazon * Facebook * Facebook FanPage * Twitter * Web

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~Blog Tour~ Be My Baby by Airicka Phoenix

Title: Be My Baby
Author: Airicka Phoenix    
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 30, 2015

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


It started with a drink and ended in a night neither will ever forget.

Calla McClain had done a great number of questionable things in her past, getting drunk at a friend's wedding and winding up in bed with the man she loved should have been a dream come true. Only their one night of mind blowing sex wasn't the only mistake she'd made in her intoxicated stupor.

Waking up hitched to the girl he'd been in love with since they were sixteen suited Jared just fine. He was in no hurry to cut those papers up, no matter how hard the new Mrs. Dumont insisted she was no good for him. He wasn't going to let her keep them apart, and he sure as hell wasn't going to let her walk away now that she belonged to him.

But can Jared accept the demons snapping at Calla's heels? Can he convince her they were perfect for each other? And what will happen when they learn that getting married was the least of their problems?

Fuck it.

Maybe it was the alcohol clouding his thoughts, or the fact that he’d been dying to taste her since they were sixteen, but he kissed her. He kissed her like he was drowning and she was the only source of air available. He kissed her with all the madness, need, and desperation pounding through him like a marching band. And she moaned deliciously and melted into him. Her arms tightened and she staggered up onto her toes for more. Her breasts crushed into the plane of his chest, the nipples hard and prodding despite the layers of clothes between them. She tasted like champagne and the chocolate off the cake. His already over intoxicated brain went straight into the red zone, the point of no return.

“Stop!” He viciously pried his mouth off hers. “Stop or God help me, I’ll take you right here.”
Eyes a stormy blue of all the emotions roaring through him, she stared up at him with her cheeks flushed and her lips a wet, swollen mockery driving him to madness.

“I’m not easy,” she whispered, her voice a hoarse croak.

Jared wanted to laugh, but couldn’t find the sense. “Jesus, baby, there’s nothing easy about you.”

Airicka Phoenix is a hopeless romantic with a dark imagination and an incurable addiction to chocolate. She is also the author of several novels written for young adult and new adult romance readers who like bad boys, hot kisses and a gritty plot. Airicka prides herself in producing quality material her readers can fall in love with again and again.

When she's not hard at work bleeding words onto paper, Airicka can be found cuddling with her family, reading, watching TV shows, or just finding excuses to avoid doing chores.

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 »Forever His Baby *Sloan & Lily* (Book 1):
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»Bye-Bye Baby *Cole & Beth* (Book 2):
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